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Keemo Rahman is an instrumentalist and musical artist from Kuching City, in the state of Sarawak (Borneo Island) in Malaysia.

His career started as a modern dancer turned choreographer since his schools era, Keemo Rahman exploring many kinds of music, from folk to modern. His experience in choosing and remixing musics for his dance troupe performances, also used to be a part-time DJ at local clubs makes Keemo Rahman reinvented himself as a music maker.   Keemo Rahman also loves to explore, experiment and sometimes goes well into ballads or slow tracks.

Keemo Rahman debut project called Quarantune, was released on July 4th 2020 worldwide. The heavily experimental music album contained 13 instrumental dance oriented tracks include the 1st and 2nd released, Viroriental, followed by his signature reggaeton hit Delicious Borneo.

“I decided to call my record Quarantune, as we are all experiencing the pandemic. With all the up and down, swirling all over, music is one way to express the feelings. Quarantune project was absolutely heavy experimental and personally, dance music is the answer on how to get rid off the boredom and the anxious”. 

​“To all of you out there, let’s get the adrenaline pumping with my Quarantune !”.

Spinning Record


Keemo Rahman inspires listeners and musicians alike. His precision and creative talent has become synonymous with a distinct musical style that resonates with his listeners. Explore all of his creative releases below.


Due to pre-release of Quarantune, Keemo Rahman decided to release Delicious Borneo as the 2nd single from the album together with the remix version in separate digital release. Delicious Borneo was released on June 30, 2020 with only a week before the release of the Quarantune album. 


Viroriental came out as the first single released from LP Quarantune. Released in May 2020, Viroriental available on all music platforms and the video accompanied in Youtube was credited to Madonna geisha Drowned World Tour backdrop for Paradise (not for me) as Keemo Rahman was  inspired by the oriental theme from the video.


Delicious Borneo Street Dance Mix was released on June 30, 2020 together with the digital release of the album version, only a week before the release of the Quarantune album. With its catchy and piercing instrumental melodies, this both tracks of album version and remix version are Keemo Rahman and fans favourite. Listen to discover the magic of his music.


When mind and music come together, the result is a masterful album such as Quarantune. Digging deep into his musical soul, Keemo Rahman has produced a compilation of catchy, mind blowing and harmonious melodies.
Quarantune was released on July 4th 2020, contained 13 dance oriented tracks, including Viroriental, Delicious Borneo, Corona Dance, Sanitizer and many more. 
Quarantune has become a debut for Keemo Rahman and pave his way to dance oriented modern and digital sound from his hometown Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysia.



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Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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